Does not make sense to discuss the benefits of e-commerce – they are obvious.
But now E-commerce site must be responsive! Mobile commerce will grow owing to increased device sale and penetration. Of course, there is the option of providing users with an app that transfers some of the processing to the user’s device. Today, however, people are very reluctant to install another application on the smartphone, only exception is for those applications that need to store regular access. Additionally, the application must be made for each platform. That’s why responsive design is so necessary for online shopping sites.
Now the most responsive e-commerce themes look beautifully on handheld devices and use functionality of touch screen devices such as tapping a touchscreen for work with data and navigation, but often do not take into account the less memory space, low connection speed and a weaker processor of mobile devices.
If you need a WordPress site enabled with e-commerce functions, the easiest way to create it is using WooCommerce, free powerful eCommerce solution from the WooThemes team. It provides everything that a seller will need to take off the ground. The developers include in Woocommerce themes other plugins that further extend the functionality of the e-shop.
Thing you should to pay special attention when choosing a theme for the store:
– design and its possible modification;
– intuitive navigation on all resolutions;
– ability of large-size-image, image magnifying, flipping or 3D rotating;
– optimizing of image sizes for faster loading of the website;
– wishlist;
– product comparing.
The newest Woocommerce themes has unique, fresh design and are plenty of options.
All the tested themes are responsive and Retina Ready.

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